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Regular On-Campus Course in Hindi

2 Years Master Diploma in Fashion Design & Merchandising

2 Years Master Diploma in Fashion Design & Merchandising

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Easy-Pay Plan: Rs. 5,250/month (24 Months)


Course Highlights
1. Duration: 24 Months (Maximum)
2. Mode: Regular On-Campus Classes
3. Language: Hindi
4. Level: Novice to Expert
5. Eligibility: This course is open to graduates from any institute or university, as well as individuals who have completed a 1-year Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design from Leela Institute of Professional Studies.
6. Assessment: Periodic Exams
7. Exclusive Mentorship: Guidance from NIFT Trained Mentor and Experienced Faculties
8. Practical Emphasis: Focus on hands-on experience with an industry-driven approach
9. Accessible Lectures: Easy-to-follow lectures
10. Personalized Support: 1-to-1 Prompt Doubt Resolution 
11. Comprehensive Resources: Downloadable Resources, E-books provided (English Only)
12. Job Placement Support: 100% Job Assistance
13. Course Start Date: Flexible Enrollment
14. Award: Master Diploma Certificate of Completion

What you'll learn
1. Fashion Fundamentals 
2. Elements & Principles of Design 
3. The Fashion Design Process 
4. Fabric Studies 
5. Surface Ornamentation Techniques
6. Fashion Illustration 
7. Fashion Sewing 
8. Pattern Making
9. Computer Aided Fashion Design
9. Drafting & Construction - Women's Indian Ethnic Wear
10. Boutique Management 
11. Apparel Merchandising
12. Apparel Production & Manufacturing 
13. Product Development
14. Costing
15. Supply Chain Management 
16. Export Documentation
17. Quality Control
18. Communication Skills
19. Creating Professional Fashion Design Portfolio

Career Paths
This course readies students for varied careers in the fashion industry, encompassing positions such as Fashion Designers, Textile Designers, Fashion Illustrators, Pattern Makers, Merchandisers, Quality Control Professionals, and Digital Designers. Additionally, students have the opportunity to delve into entrepreneurial pursuits, whether by launching online businesses, managing boutique stores, securing esteemed positions in export houses, or establishing themselves as fashion bloggers. The program harmonizes creative skills with business acumen, empowering students to thrive as successful fashion entrepreneurs.

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